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Christmas Party at The Little Rainbow Crèche

The Little Rainbow Crèche is a bright oasis in the heart of one of South Africa’s most crime-ridden communities, Eldorado Park Extension 5.
The crèche, which has been operating for 24 years, is an early learning development centre for 110 children aged two to seven. It provides a safe haven for the children, many of whom face abuse and neglect in their home lives after school.

The Little Rainbow is run by ‘Aunty May’ Kroots and her staff of 13 who have all made a personal commitment to ensure a healthy environment for the children during school.
December 12th  2015 dawned bright and sunny, as expected,  –  ideal weather for the party At Vogue And their sponsors had prepared for the kids of Rainbow Creche.  When the contingent of At Vogue and sponsors, armed with all kinds of party goodies (including pots of food for the adults), arrived at 9.30 to set up, they were greeted with loud cheers from a large number of community members, who had decided to join in on the festivities, hoping, no doubt, to score some
treats as well.

Gifts were received with rapturous delight by the wide-eyed children since it was Father Christmas himself who handed these to them.  They opened their gifts with feverish anticipation and screeched with delight at what they found.  In summation, the kids had a wonderful time, Aunty May and her staff, who were on hand to help throughout the morning, were delighted to see the joy, which mirrored their own, light up the faces of their kids.