At Vogue Communication Agency

Bead-Making Workshop

Creative juices flowed freely on Saturday 28 February 2009 at the ‘At Vogue Bead-Making Workshop’ for the disadvantaged inner-city women of the Troyeville Baptist Church, most of whom are unemployed or have limited income. Debbie Prim supervised 25 women as they discovered that making necklaces and bracelets was much more than threading beads, but involved dexterity with tools and small metal items! The resultant jewellery was beautiful – and a testimony to the love and patience that Debbie displayed throughout the workshop. The women will be able to sell their jewellery and bring in some additional income into their households. The women were twice-blessed: they received generous jewellery making kits and were taught how to use them, and they also had a self-esteem boost as they discovered that they had creative gifts that had possibly never before been given expression.

  • Tea, cake and sandwiches in extremely generous quantities from the At Vogue team kept the women satisfied and on form throughout the afternoon.
  • The At Vogue team present at the workshop at Troyeville Baptist Church provided the catering service, and Debbie Prim, workshop facilitator and sponsor.
  • All glory to God for this empowering and uplifting event.